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Northwest Territories


Submarine landslides and sediment avalanches – rocks high on land reveal what actually happens deep under the waves

Our understanding of sediment transport in deep-water marine environments of the Earth is growing every day, but there are still many questions left to be answered. In this talk I will outline the significance of sediment transport in the marine realm and its impact on human life, how the sediment moves and what the deposits look like. In the second half of the talk I will in particular focus on the final depo centre of sediment: the basin-floor terminal fan. This is the area of the sea floor where all sediment eventually comes to rest. Terminal fans host the largest oil and gas reserves in the world, but their exploitation is commonly limited by cost and risk. Only through better understanding of these depositional systems can resources be safely, effectively and efficiently exploited.

September 22nd, 7-8 p.mWhitehorse Public Library5022 49 Street, Yellowknife, NT, X1A 3R8More information