This section includes a list of great books, blogs, websites and all forms of the written word – a guide to great ideas and great writers.  A look into the minds of some of the most engaging and important scientists of all time.

Happy Reading!


My favourite science reads

My Favourite Science Book Ever – So Good, It Deserves All Caps


A Short History of Nearly Everything





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Science and Society


Science Biographies

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Psychology/Brain Science

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Kids Science Books

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For those of you who don’t have the time to read a whole book because you’re going out to science literacy week events

Phenomena – a blog series by National Geographic filled with fun, quirky and otherwise exciting science stories

XKCD– I know, not really a blog.  Still, it proves that science is as funny as it gets.

Pharyngula – A biology blog for those who like impressing their friends with big words

Confessions of a Science Librarian – musings, expositions and top notch science book lists

IFLS – An awful lot of people “really love” science



AsapSCIENCE – Canadians Mitch Moffit and Greg Brown take you on a hilarious tour of the sciences on Youtube

Science Friday– Ira Flatow’s hugely popular radio show. Check out the whole website for more content too

Star Talk Radio – Neil DeGrasse Tyson rocks it with his late night DJ voice

Quirks and Quarks – Our very own Bob McDonald giving the scoop on the latest science developments

Stuff you should know – The title says it all!

Radiolab – “weaving stories and science into sound and music rich documentaries”

60 second science – For those of you with literally a minute to spare, prepare to have your minds blown by Scientific American

The Story Collider – Science surrounds us. Even when we don’t notice it, science touches almost every part of our lives. At the Story Collider, we believe that everyone has a story about science—a story about how science made a difference, affected them, or changed them on a personal and emotional level. We find those stories and share them in live shows and on our podcast. Sometimes, it’s even funny.

CPSX’s Western Worlds

The weekly program will feature an interview with an expert – a researcher, engineer, scientist, or educator – in the planetary science and exploration community. The interview will focus on the guest’s expertise as well as anything else that may be of interest. This will be followed by a round-table discussion involving several Western Worlds co-hosts, who have a wide-variety of educational and professional backgrounds.



NOVA – Consistently excellent, engaging and interesting science stories from the cutting edge of discovery.  Available on TV’s everywhere!

BBC Earth – Still the highest quality nature broadcaster out there, BBC Earth gives us unprecedented looks into the wide world of nature, many with the incomparable David Attenborough narrating too!

TED talks – Their slogan says it all, “Ideas Worth Spreading”. Learn about pretty much anything from some of the best thinkers and speakers anywhere.

Research2Reality – A Canadian celebration of the great research and scientists all across the country

Daily Planet – A great daily look at the science all around us.  Canadian to boot!